Original Fine Art

Collection Analysis: Geography

In my Geography series I pursue to mix the subjects of art, geometry and religion in order to create a cohesive project which unites these very different and separate units of life. I seek to present Geography as a series of paintings which facilitates the cohesion and exhibition of art, mathematics and faith in a single and unique body of work.

Aesthetically, Geography was inspired by the work of Piet Mondrian, whose black lines and coloured rectangles have left a great impression on me from a very young age. I sought to interpret his style in a way to make it my own, and I was able to so do by reducing Mondrian’s rectangles and squares to triangles. The triangle is a shape which never ceases to amaze me, not only because of its formal aspect, but for its relation to the number three. This number is symbolic of faith through its relation to the divine trinity, and it is also viewed as a universal and lucky number. While having reduced Mondrian’s prominent shape, I have opened the colour spectrum to create total colour freedom, including the use of iridescent shades. I have however, restricted the use to four or less coloured triangles per canvas.

I have created a coloured multi-trinity which physically changes from painting to painting. “Geography” is the place between art, mathematics and faith.

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