Original Fine Art

Collection Analysis: Workdays

"Workdays" is a series in which I sought to reduce each day of the week to its most essential abstract form. I materialized and gave permanence to the otherwise immaterial and ephemeral days of the week. The main theme I pursue in this series is that of “ownership”. Through the creation of these paintings I have facilitated the possibility of owning the days of the week. In a way, Workdays' main theme is an un-aesthetic derivative of Any Warhol’s comment on mass-consumerism. By owning the days of the week, one is also consuming them.

Each day contains an abstract description of a feeling, thought or action of which I took notice on that particular day. The freedom of giving a physical form to each week day is too great, so I decided to create each painting under the constraints of a semi-white canvas, the use of black lines, and a prominent colour for each day. The only exception I made to this rule took place on Friday where I allowed myself to digress to the use of three different prominent colours. I made this allowance due to the fact that Friday, unlike any other day, is a day of escape which translates into the weekend.

The illustrations of each day will remain unexplained as I want the viewers to find their own personal meanings in my expression of each day. I do not want to hinder the intuitive response anyone might have upon seeing my materialised interpretation of the week.

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